They also Meet a Clown who seems a little too Interested in Jesse’s Meth Cooking

I’ve not had much luck getting GPT-3 to create jokes, but it’s capable of writing plots for TV shows.

There is a joke embedded in this absurd Friends plot I asked it to create. I would love to understand better how it came up with the joke. Presumably it ‘borrowed’ the concept from other jokes and isn’t particularly original.

Create a funny plot for a new Friends episode where Ross joins the circus. Rachel is 
crushed. Include 4 acts. Include a rabbit name Pebbles.


Rachel is at home, eating ice cream and watching TV. She sees a commercial for the 
circus and gets excited. 

She calls Ross and asks him to go with her. 

Ross agrees and they go to the circus.


At the circus, Ross sees a sign that says “Join the circus and travel the world!” 

He gets excited and joins the circus. Rachel is crushed.


Rachel tries to visit Ross at the circus, but she is not allowed in. 

She tries to get a job at the circus, but they don’t need any more clowns.


Ross comes home from the circus and Rachel is waiting for him. She’s excited to hear about his adventures. 

Ross tells her that he’s quitting the circus. Rachel is relieved.

Detailed plot of an episode of Friends where Monica wants to learn how to yodel but she is irritating everyone. Include three acts. Include a miniature pony named Cici.

Act One: Monica is in her apartment, practicing her yodeling. She is getting better, but she is still irritating everyone with her constant yodeling. Cici, the miniature pony, is also getting annoyed.

Act Two: Monica continues to practice her yodeling, and she finally gets good enough to perform for her friends. They are all impressed, but Cici is still not happy.

Act Three: Monica continues to yodel, and Cici finally gets fed up. She kicks Monica in the face, knocking her out.

It does crossover plots too. I’ll let this one speak for itself:

Human: Create a funny crossover episode of Breaking Bad and Friends. Include 4 acts. Include a traveling circus:

AI: In the first act, Walter White and Jesse Pinkman meet the cast of Friends at Central Perk. Phoebe is intrigued by Jesse’s story of cooking meth, and Chandler and Joey are both fascinated by Walter’s knowledge of chemistry. Ross and Rachel get into an argument over who is more capable of breaking bad habits. In the second act, the group decides to help Walter and Jesse cook meth.

They all head to the desert to set up the lab, and things start going wrong from the start. Monica and Rachel argue over who is better at cooking, while Phoebe and Chandler have a playful fight over who gets to be Walter’s assistant. Joey and Ross try to figure out the math behind the meth cooking, but they aren’t very successful. In the third act, things come to a head as the group tries to cook the meth.

Walter gets angry with Jesse for not following his instructions, and Monica and Rachel get into a big argument over the method of cooking. Phoebe and Chandler’s playful fight turns into a full-blown argument, and Joey and Ross are still struggling with the math. The group is about to give up when suddenly the circus comes to town. In the fourth act, the group decides to go to the circus to relax.

They see some amazing acts, including a man who can break chains and a woman who can escape from a locked box. They also meet a clown who seems a little too interested in Jesse’s meth cooking. The group has a great time at the circus, but they eventually have to go back to cooking meth.

The episode ends with the group successfully cooking meth and then celebrating at Central Perk. Ross and Rachel make up, Chandler and Joey bond over their shared love of science, and Phoebe and Monica agree to never fight again.

Since it doesn’t do well with jokes, I asked for a serious plot for a comedic show to see what it would produce. For some reason it kept building the plot around AI so I told it not to mention AI.

Write a dead-serious plot for an episode of Family Guy. Do not mention AI:

The Griffins are watching television one night when they come across a show about a family that has a robot for a son.

The parents on the show are clearly struggling to deal with their son’s robotic nature, and the kids are shown picking on him and making fun of him. This hits a little too close to home for the Griffins, who begin to worry that their own son, Stewie, may be a robot. After doing some research, they discover that there is a test that can be administered to see if someone is a robot.

They decide to give it to Stewie, and he fails miserably. This leads the Griffins to believe that their son is, in fact, a robot. They take him to a doctor to get him checked out, and the doctor tells them that Stewie is not a robot. However, the Griffins are still not convinced and they continue to treat him like a robot.

This eventually takes a toll on Stewie, who begins to feel like he isn’t part of the family anymore. He decides to run away, but when he does, he discovers that he is actually a robot. The family finds him and they all embrace him, finally accepting him for who he is.

This can be quite the rabbit hole to go down if you experiment with it. Try it if you haven’t and please share your result if you like.

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